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IP-PBX as the Ultimate Choice of a Modern Communication Network

IP-PBX is a phone switching communication system with IP technology as the basis. The term stands for Internet-Protocol Private Branch Exchange. The phone communication applies the VOIP line so that the conversation is sent digitally using the LAN and internet network. Interestingly, IP-PBX is also called as the future phone network system with some functions and features as follows.

Functions and Features

First, it integrates the conventional phone network (analog PSTN/ POTS), mobile phone network (GSM), the satellite phone network, cordless network (DECT), and package-based network. Second, IP PBX also brings the ability of multi-services in the IP network to the communication world. This way, it enables more communication services that can work on the IP network.

Some services given are including voicemail, voice conference, IVR, unified messaging system (UMS), fax server, call recording system, and more. meanwhile, some functions to do using IP-PBX are connecting, controlling, and disconnecting the communication system, translation the communication protocol, communication media transition or transcoding, and others.


The service of IP-PBX using the internet as the communication tool tends to give some benefits. Those benefits are being cost-saving, productivity improvement, free-toll phone services, better scalability, and easier administration systems.

It is more cost-saving since the usage of the internet tends to reduce the establishment of infrastructure that was previously using phone wire only. Meanwhile, the productivity is improved for the extension that is previously only on the desk, now, you can carry it everywhere. IP-PBX also provides the free-toll service no matter how long you want to call someone else or do video conferencing.

Better scalability means that adding and lessening phone networks are done more easily only by the administrator without calling the vender. The user can also use the feature of Auto Provisioning to make the configuration system simpler. Lastly, the IP-PBX system can be managed every time and everywhere using a web browser even via Smartphones.

A Company with IP-PBX Network

It is not difficult to find a telephone company that provides services for IP-PBX nowadays. However, you should still be careful since not all of them may give you the best offers and services. VDSAE is worth to try if you are in Dubai and some areas around. Aside from IP-PBX, it also provides services of VOIP and PBX.