Online Technological Advantages For Small Businesses

By | June 16, 2019

We are under a state of rapid change. It is becoming increasingly clear that, marketing goods and services is no longer as usual. Things are rapidly changing. Traditional TV, newspaper, and radio advertising can all be very expensive and perhaps not as effective as they once were. The world is reading the newspaper less while getting their fix for up to the minute news and weather via the Internet.

Television and radio advertising are both fine as long as you reach your demographic when they are watching or listening, and, you can afford the high cost. The Internet now provides low cost and effective synchronized environment where the consumer can get what he wants at anytime suitable for him. This is an excellent alternatives to the synchronized traditional media tools that requires the consumer to be at a particular place and at a particular time. So in order to maximize our current advertising and marketing dollars, we must setup to utilize today’s new effective and inexpensive marketing infrastructure.

The small business entrepreneur stands at a greater chance to benefit immensely from online infrastructure as well as big business. One of these aspects which I will like to pinpoint here, is the virtual office environment that it offers. This capability has opened great avenue of global competition; which has cheapen programming and design service fee structure. These were once lucrative niches for engineers in developed economies to make a living by setting up their own service enterprises. The virtual office capability is somewhat yanking this niche away by the influx of cheap labor pouring in from pour economies overseas; thereby forcing the fee structure of those services downward. A few of those examples are in the web architecture, developers, websites designers, general programming business, SEO, SEM and other related segments of the online market that can be carried out virtually.

Some of the discussions I had with a team making up a web-design firm on the issue of low ball bidding from overseas at various internet bidding sites, reveals the frustration that even the customers seems to experience. For example, a design job that might take about two to three week to finish that usually cost about $4000 -$7000; you will see bids from overseas around $500. It appears some overseas bidders aren’t conversant with US taste and business structure and therefore, many of those choosing low overseas bids end up with all types of frustrations. However, this influx of overseas bidding even for SEO & SEM services has successfully push down fees for such services dramatically.

The low advertising cost ratio associated with online infrastructure is another great, if not the greatest single piece of advantage that businesses involved in ecommerce seems to enjoy. The online world is now over a 1.4 billion community. The online clientele has no problem of distance. They can see your business from anywhere in the world with a click of the mouse. various statistics seems to point to the fact that over 85% of people begin their purchases by first inquiring online. This gives a great advantage to businesses online over those businesses that do not have an online presence. In short it doesn’t make any sense for any business not to have an online presence in our present day culture.